Friday, July 27, 2007

Accepting Nominations for the Bashage Award

The Bashage Award is an award handed out whenever warranted, to a member of the human race that has risked their life in order to save others. The requirements are:

1. The person or persons had to have put their own life at risk to save others.

2. The person had to eliminate the threat, best if it was by lethal force.

3. The person had to use their fists, feet, or a blunt object as the weapon.

4. Priority is given if the event was caught on video.

The Bashage Award will be given out as often as deemed necessary by Bashman. The recipient or recipients of the Bashage Award will receive a place in the Bashage Award Hall of Fame.

To nominate someone for the Bashage Award: E-Mail Bashman with a link to the video or article at

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