Saturday, November 17, 2007



tony said...

hey bashman its tony. i im writing you because i looked thorough most your vids and this one plus the vid about liberal media got me thinking. Well as i mentioned befor im a Veteran i was in Iraq from 04 to 05. im an Army Vet with the 1/506 air assult inf 2BCT 2ID. i was in alambar provence. My brigade was attaced to the Marine divion there. We where stationed in Habanyyah. We where in charge of that whole area, between Fallujah and Ramadi where my brigade was. that was the time of the fallujah offensive and the first elections. while i was there we Had daily incoming wich everyone knows go on Iraq. but what know one ever knew was how insurgents incoming fell into and kiled innocents. know one ever herd how civilians at that time would call our battalion HQ when they saw insurgents planting an IED after the first 6 months there. and how some where even verified as foriegn. we had an air strip across the way. and we even had an old Iraqi airfeild, wich was our FOB, that the reporter have been coppered in. but only small time reportes ever came by. know ever knew that place exsisted till after the pennsylvaina National gaurd relieved us. saddly they got hit hard and lost twice as many as we did. but that the only thing the ever report.

Bashman said...

tony ifg you see this drop me an email at

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