Thursday, September 6, 2007

Suicide Bomber King Put in Charge of IRGC

There’s a new man in charge of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran. His name is Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari and he said recently that the IRGC will be switching its focus from conventional military tactics to an irregular combat strategy, which is “part of the precious experience we gained in the course of the Iraqi-imposed defensive war,” and that Iran is ready to respond to all possible threats from its enemies.

Let me tell you something about the new IRGC Commander Jafari. I have spoken about him twice in Bashman Vids in the last few months.

This man was put in charge of the "Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison" in Iran. They recruit suicide bombers via the local Iranian newspapers and also on the Internet, I kid you not. Click here to watch my video about this wing of the Iranian "military". There is even a link to the online application, I highly recommend any of you left-wing liberals that visit this site download and fill out the app.

The vid was one of my most popular, entitled... "Lovers of Death".

In fact, I mentioned him a week ago in my "Mysteries of Iran..." vid at Pat Dollard Dot Com and this was just prior to him getting his new promotion. I'd be willing to bet that the Baagh-Lava was passed around plenty in the Jafari household this past week.

This "change" to "irregular combat readiness" that Jafari speaks of can NO DOUBT include the 50,000 plus suicide bombers Iran has recruited in the past couple of years.

And now they have their sights set on Iraq and the power vacuum that will occur when and if the US pulls out. They would move in and not treat the local Sunni insurgent uprisings as the Americans did. We tried like hell to avoid civilian casualties and our rules of engagement were basically those that a cop has.

Their "counter-insurgency" tactics Iran would use when invading Iraq would be brutal and fearsome. If they are allowed to get to that point.

A few wild cards are the Saudis, not just the sheiks, warlords, and tribal leaders who have faithfully backed Sunni insurgency groups in Iraq in the past due to ancient tribal ties, but also the Saudi Govt themselves. RE:Their recent purchases.

Then there's Israel. Can anyone say "Osirik" as a big bite in the ass? Turn the Dragon's head and he exposes his jugular.

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