Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Surge is Working but Iraqi Politics Remain Mired

The NIE Report is Out.
By Bashman

August 23, 2007

The Director of National Intelligence has released the latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq, entitled “Prospect’s For Iraq’s Stability: Some Security Progress but Political Reconciliation Elusive.” The last NIE on Iraq was released in January of this year.

After a first read through, the gist I'm getting is that the Surge is working but the political landscape is a disaster with no viable positive outlook in the foreseeable future. Nothing new there.

Mookie's Shia guys are being backed by Quds/IRGC and so therefore, ultimately, the Iranian Theocracy.

The individual Sunni groups get their support from various warlords, sheiks, and tribal leaders in Suadi Arabia.

The Badr Organization has been away for 25 years and have much bad blood with their countrymen, especially Sunni, they returned to due to the Iran/Iraq war, plus they're nutty as fruitcakes like the rest of them.

The Kurd thing with Turkey and Iran and their fellow Shia and Sunni Iraqis is like is a powder keg, that's been a powder keg since any of us can remember.

Doesn't seem like the individual political interests in Iraq, which cannot be separated from their religious-sectarian interests are unwilling to compromise on anything major, prohibiting any kind of reconciliation.

And the leaders in the actual Iraqi National Government itself are like Freshman high school football players trying to coach the Super Bowl.

If all of these players, Mookie's Shia, the Badr Shia, the dozens of Sunni tribes, the Kurds, AQI, and a few other unmentionables were pit bulls and Iraq was an arena...Michael Vick's mouth would be watering.


The G-man said...

Common sense and human decency is only now being ushered back into Iraq by our troops. The Sunni masses are just now starting to see the light and abandon their support of the extremists. How could anyone but a liberal expect reconciliation to proceed before all of the parties have arrived at the table?

Further, they threw a humongous royal pissy-fit when ol' W marched uninvited into Iraq and deposed a dictator, but they want to depose the democratically elected leadership of that self-same country.

Makes you just want to slap some common sense into some people don't it?

Look, all we're seeing here are the ramifications of what Cliburn admitted... "if the surge succeeded it would be a real problem for us". I mean the writing is on the wall and the libs are trying every trick to decry it. The surge is working and their artificially imposed reconciliation goals are somewhat akin to demanding a apology from a 5 year old. Sure, the 5 year old will mouth the words "I'm sorry", but their heart won't be in it.

All of this leads me to ask if it's time for the warrior caste in this country to impose a Heinleinian form of government, because it's time to end the mice's dominion over the cheese factory.

John D Infidel said...

First, gain a degree of security by bringing intransigent insurgents and terrorists to there knees. Then divide the country into three semi-autonomous regions.